Everybody breaks down once in a while. Everybody falls. Not everybody gets up. The only difference between the ones that do and the ones that don’t, is the DESIRE.

  I realised, there was so many reasons to be down this year. So many negative things have happened. The one thing I didn’t realize was I had progressed so much in my weight loss that I had overlooked it. 

  We tend to focus on the negativity. Why? Instead of embracing it, we want to avoid it. Realizing that it could propel us to great heights is scary because we all fear how powerful we could be. 

  Its times like these, that make or break us. Its times like these that I smile. Its times like these the Underdog in us must release the hound and show the world how big a bite we have! Stop becoming scared of what you could be, start becoming scared of what you are not!                     …  START NOW!


Learn it, Live it, Love it

Pain is something that everybody goes through. It does not care for your race, religion, age or gender. It will come. The natural human mind tends to fly instead of fighting this feeling.

Why? Well, because its easier.

Embrace the pain, because, deep down, you know it is good.

Pain will make you stronger. Do not fear it, be ready for it and when the time comes, take it. The human body is remarkable, but its mind is amazing. The world we live in is constantly balanced by good and bad.

Stop fighting wars internally and start getting stronger. It may be difficult, but thats the only legitimate reason to use when facing pain. That it is difficult!

If your internal standards can accept this, well, remember, nothing great ever came easy. If you’re willing to fight half the war, fight all the way! No one can say they have overcome pain.

Over-Kill, Over-Chill and True Focus

Wow, time flies.

Hawk has been posting and putting up insightful, thought provoking material and i’ve been more free than him and instead been dicking around trying to find the RIGHT topic, or trying to make the PERFECT first video.

It was then that I realized that if I kept waiting for perfection and waiting for the weekend to work with Hawk and prepare a video, it would be exactly that: waiting. Stalling. Procrastinating. In short, NOTHING WOULD EVER BE PUBLISHED. The right time is now I guess, and perfection will be attained through experience.

NOW back to the main topic. Today wanna write a little about societal shackling in the form of OVER STIMULATION and UNDER STIMULATION. Its very important to have a goal, a main focus in life (or many) and to not be procrastinating or being distracted by bullshit vices that society deems “Okay” to indulge in. Think of you walking on a straight road towards happiness or whatever your personal life direction may be, and temptations around you that pull you off track.

What do I mean by these temptations? First there’s OVER STIMULATION.

Your normal day consists of checking Facebook over 20 times. Dont lie. Its true. We live for that one notification or one message to pop up. We refresh twitter and get 20 new tweets and our brain goes YAY. These are forms of OVER stimulation where we get hit hard by doses of information that trick us into believing that we live a great social life and that if we don’t keep up with our notifications, we miss life changing events! So we sit online on facebook. We might not even be browsing it much, but hey, the newsfeed is refreshed every 5 mins and we laugh at whoever posts. (Sites like 9GAG included 😉  )

Another form of OverStimulation that would be more relatable to people who go out a lot instead of sitting on the computer the whole day would be over indulgence of alcohol and cheap thrills, these put your brain in a frenzy of fun, but usually go out of control. Its never always ONE drink? Its always HOW MUCH MORE CAN IT GO. HOW MUCH HIGHER CAN I GET? OH YEA WOOHOO WAST33DD FUN !!!11!!

UnderStimulation would be sitting on the tv all day, numbing your senses. Hey, watching tv online counts too! Its also why, after a great movie, you don’t wanna go back into the reality of actually DOING SOMETHING.

What I want you discover and live, is that life of balance. It’s normal if you take a break or go for a party, but the goal should always be in sight. A life of pure overachieving without the experiences and balance leads to the studious or boastful prick that no one likes. (I’m sure you have people in mind)

Instead, don’t look down on them, they too, by societal pressure have chosen a life of pure focus and suffer from it. Be inspired by them, to snap your life back on track every time you lose far too much control and focus.


The moment you realize that you have stopped and smelled the roses for too long, will yourself and shift into the control mentality and get BACK ON TRACK.

These problems are exactly what I have been going through, to some degree or the other and I never forget to turn back to that straight road.

I’ve had someone ask me though , WHY live the life of the straight road, why not sit down and smell the roses forever? WELL :

Think hard about it, imagine wasting away the BEST years of your life fulfilling your senses only to discover later on that the hole is too deep to get out of. Its the same reason why people end up addicted to drugs, or go to jail, because they lacked simple common CONTROL and let their life spiral into short term pleasure.

I hope that helped you and I cant wait to post again. Keep spreading love ! ❤




The world owes us nothing. Yet, we forget that as we’re raised in homes abundant in resources. We must always question ourselves of our purpose. Do we know why we live? There has to be a reason, a meaning, a reason to each and every one of our lives.

“There are two great days in our lives the day we are born and the day we discover why” .

We, humans, are very curious creatures. We cannot live with anxiety. That is why you should go and find your purpose and fulfil it. You never know when it will be your last breath or the last time you say ‘ I love You’ to someone.

We should put ourselves out there and do good. Remember, not for any extrinsic rewards, but purely out of sincerity and the want for the greater good. We have long lost nature’s path. We’re the only species to have come and alter the face of the earth with its own resources.

I’m not saying we should all become monks and live in the mountains, I’m saying, we should do better than this. We’re trying so hard to live our social lives, we forget our true nature is to prolong our species and instead, we’re destroying the only land known to be able to support human life.Our intelligence will get the best of us.

Time to stop, and think. We’ve got to act now, change lives, change the world!

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Progress is Always Best


Progress, such a beautiful word. So positive, so strong. When people hear it, it brings motivation. Progress also means a positive difference. How can our country progress when its people aren’t driven from the same motivation? How can we, as people live a life like that? “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were going to live forever”. 

We have to start living by increasing our internal standards ever so often. We have to expect more of ourselves and less of others. We must see ourselves do more. Whether it may be that girl who broke your heart, The guy who cheated on you, The parents who left the family, The People who have left your life, it does not matter. All that matters is how you bounce back. From watching years of football, I’ve realised, the general public, the neutral fan has always loved the team that came from behind. The team that found inspiration. The team that had a higher climb and made it. Why?

We all want that for ourselves. Now its became clarity, do something about it. Give your body that extra push your mind desires. You will be a much happier person. – HAWK

Source of All Good

We constantly debate on whether money is the source of all evil, however, we never seem to question where does the source of all good come from. An observation on life can clearly tell you that most, if not all, religions teach us to do good.

A problem arises from this. The point of teaching us good from evil is that we do it with sincerity. When people instead look to doing good only for rewards, does that not make them as bad as people who do not believe in a religion? Does no one do things for the greater good? People are counting, anywhere and everywhere. We have to change that attitude.

I really look up to Mother Theresa. Pure altruism is rare and she left a comfortable life in order to help people in slums. I am not saying that we should do as she did, but I am saying that we could change our perspective on things we do. Stop counting as much because the great man up there is always watching .



17 Instant Anxiety Cures

Quick Cures!

Thought Catalog

1. Take a hot shower

Visualize the water literally washing your anxieties off of you and down the drain. Gone forever.

2. Close your computer

Put your phone face down. Take a walk around the block. If it’s possible, take a weekend away from where you live, even if it’s just to a smaller, nearby city. You can facilitate mental perspective by forcing physical perspective. Physical distance literally makes your problems seem smaller.

3. Shoot a gun

When we were growing up people would say that if you are angry you should punch a pillow. This was later discovered to be bad advice. Letting your aggression out can pump you up until you just feel more angry. This isn’t why shooting a gun works. Go to a gun range. You will feel powerful. Not feeling a whole lot of self efficacy is the root of anxiety, feeling powerful means…

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