A friendly Conceptual friend.

Concepts are basically how we learn something. Learning about concepts is basics.

Look back at a time in your life when you achieved something. No matter how miniscule or major. How did you do that?

Well, this requires some work from you. Retrieve that memory. Look at yourself in a third person angle and imagine how you came to that success. Now, you can use the same concept to anything you want to learn. Life is then in your control!

In the last post, I wrote that the mind is a ticking clock, akin to saying, you only have a certain amount of ‘unknown’ time before you are unable to manipulate it. Concepts make it easier for your brain to learn new things. Finding ways to take control of your brain is very rewarding. However, because it is your most prized possession, use with care.

Caution: * Fill Brain with beautiful things only.


There’s More To Life Than Happiness

Live life making sure you give back as much as you can !

Thought Catalog

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I often think that the reason why everyone is so obsessed with happiness in this part of the world – the West – is because people find it more difficult to be happy here. Why? Well, I think people attach far too much of their identity to their material wealth, as well as to the expectations and illusions of what constitutes a good life. The irony is that being an African and having seen some abject poverty there, and having also travelled to places where absolute poverty is an everyday reality for some people, I maintain that I have witnessed more happiness among those who have less. But having a little, just like…

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17 Instant Anxiety Cures

Quick Cures!

Thought Catalog

1. Take a hot shower

Visualize the water literally washing your anxieties off of you and down the drain. Gone forever.

2. Close your computer

Put your phone face down. Take a walk around the block. If it’s possible, take a weekend away from where you live, even if it’s just to a smaller, nearby city. You can facilitate mental perspective by forcing physical perspective. Physical distance literally makes your problems seem smaller.

3. Shoot a gun

When we were growing up people would say that if you are angry you should punch a pillow. This was later discovered to be bad advice. Letting your aggression out can pump you up until you just feel more angry. This isn’t why shooting a gun works. Go to a gun range. You will feel powerful. Not feeling a whole lot of self efficacy is the root of anxiety, feeling powerful means…

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