The Staring Game. How it can change your LIFE and view on mankind!

Hey everyone,

Kajun here, back from a one month trip to Singapore. Amazing place, definitely visit if you havent already.

Now what i want to talk a little about today, is the concept of judging someone, and how it actually reveals you at your most insecure.
Before i left for Singapore, I attended a self help seminar by the co-owner of Industry Rockstar – Jefferey Slayter. Picked up so much from his methods of delivery and activities to engage the audience as well as his content, that really could relate with the various types of people that had attended.
One activity really left an impression however and I really want to touch on it.

I want you to find someone, preferably someone you dont really know well, but have hundreds of presumptions and have derived so many conclusions about from their character and behavior. Now look into their eyes and both of you keep looking for around 10 minutes. (Of course, have him or her agree to it first!)
Now after getting over the initial awkwardness and giggling, you should be able to stare right into them. Both of you would seem to have known each other forever. Keep going till the 10 minute mark no matter how tough and awkward it is.

Now realize, that they are human beings too. With the same problems, with the same insecurities, and they are just trying to live a life. JUST LIKE YOU ARE.
They are not above you, they are not below you. They are just your fellow man, who breathes the same air and survives through his own problems just as you are.

Everyone has problems, in this age of Money, even the richest suffer, (Sure, a lot of things have been going great in his life. Finances are secure and he enjoys everything that materialistic cravings can offer, but through it all, there are still problems.)
It is YOUR job, to show love nonetheless, to accept everyone for who they are, and inspire them to do better and to be great, for we all are just human,
with our own problems.
with our own insecurities.

Where is there room to hate when you love so much?

Been having many many thoughts the last month and cant wait to keep you updated with more!
This post is a bit more deviate off my previous posts and maybe with less applicable examples and actions , but is a deep foundation thoughtwork that I believe, should be sown in every person.

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Over-Kill, Over-Chill and True Focus

Wow, time flies.

Hawk has been posting and putting up insightful, thought provoking material and i’ve been more free than him and instead been dicking around trying to find the RIGHT topic, or trying to make the PERFECT first video.

It was then that I realized that if I kept waiting for perfection and waiting for the weekend to work with Hawk and prepare a video, it would be exactly that: waiting. Stalling. Procrastinating. In short, NOTHING WOULD EVER BE PUBLISHED. The right time is now I guess, and perfection will be attained through experience.

NOW back to the main topic. Today wanna write a little about societal shackling in the form of OVER STIMULATION and UNDER STIMULATION. Its very important to have a goal, a main focus in life (or many) and to not be procrastinating or being distracted by bullshit vices that society deems “Okay” to indulge in. Think of you walking on a straight road towards happiness or whatever your personal life direction may be, and temptations around you that pull you off track.

What do I mean by these temptations? First there’s OVER STIMULATION.

Your normal day consists of checking Facebook over 20 times. Dont lie. Its true. We live for that one notification or one message to pop up. We refresh twitter and get 20 new tweets and our brain goes YAY. These are forms of OVER stimulation where we get hit hard by doses of information that trick us into believing that we live a great social life and that if we don’t keep up with our notifications, we miss life changing events! So we sit online on facebook. We might not even be browsing it much, but hey, the newsfeed is refreshed every 5 mins and we laugh at whoever posts. (Sites like 9GAG included 😉  )

Another form of OverStimulation that would be more relatable to people who go out a lot instead of sitting on the computer the whole day would be over indulgence of alcohol and cheap thrills, these put your brain in a frenzy of fun, but usually go out of control. Its never always ONE drink? Its always HOW MUCH MORE CAN IT GO. HOW MUCH HIGHER CAN I GET? OH YEA WOOHOO WAST33DD FUN !!!11!!

UnderStimulation would be sitting on the tv all day, numbing your senses. Hey, watching tv online counts too! Its also why, after a great movie, you don’t wanna go back into the reality of actually DOING SOMETHING.

What I want you discover and live, is that life of balance. It’s normal if you take a break or go for a party, but the goal should always be in sight. A life of pure overachieving without the experiences and balance leads to the studious or boastful prick that no one likes. (I’m sure you have people in mind)

Instead, don’t look down on them, they too, by societal pressure have chosen a life of pure focus and suffer from it. Be inspired by them, to snap your life back on track every time you lose far too much control and focus.


The moment you realize that you have stopped and smelled the roses for too long, will yourself and shift into the control mentality and get BACK ON TRACK.

These problems are exactly what I have been going through, to some degree or the other and I never forget to turn back to that straight road.

I’ve had someone ask me though , WHY live the life of the straight road, why not sit down and smell the roses forever? WELL :

Think hard about it, imagine wasting away the BEST years of your life fulfilling your senses only to discover later on that the hole is too deep to get out of. Its the same reason why people end up addicted to drugs, or go to jail, because they lacked simple common CONTROL and let their life spiral into short term pleasure.

I hope that helped you and I cant wait to post again. Keep spreading love ! ❤



Loser Mentality : Complaining without taking ACTION

Part of the process in becoming a winner is to stop complaining. Stop whining about your little dramas or insecurities, because no one truly cares. Sure, friends will lend you an ear, but at the end of the day, remember that the only person who can change your life – is yourself.

Now, to begin with, complaining is in itself a negative action. To live the good life, you gotta cut out the bad. Winners never complain because what is dealt is done, and they understand that its all about how you react to it.

Losers however, will complain but RARELY take action. These are the kind of friends you have who come crying to you every other day about this problem or that, and you be nice and entertain them, even advise them and give them things to do to get over it. They say “thanks so much for being there”. Then come back the next day with the same drama, never having learnt their lesson.

Now delving deeper into this loser mentality, you have to understand that losers use complaining as an excuse. A crutch, so that they never go through the difficulty of facing the problem. These are the kind of people who wait for something to happen, never realizing that the black hole of mediocrity and unhappiness will just suck them further in. Then why do they do this? Simple:

It is always easier to play the victim. It is always easier to cry about how unfair life is, and run back to the arms of your mommy or loved ones who say “there there, you’re my little champion, everything is going to be alright” while you curse your miserable existence and hope someday it may get better. Sounds familiar? Stop it.

Hopefully the demographic we aim at has grown past the stage of crying to their mommy’s, but we find various other ways such as close friends, posting emotional status’ or tweets and expecting attention and my personal favourite: using an form of conflict in life as an excuse to drink and live it up. (YOLO MY LIFE SUCKS)

When we are young, society takes care of us, and we enjoy it. Sweet little kids who always somehow get picked on by life. As we grow up, society STOPS taking care of us , and we hate it. We complain and complain and whine and whine. Now, in order to grow to become a winner, you have to progress on to the next stage: Where society STOPS taking care of you, and you LOVE it.

LOVE taking responsibility for your actions
LOVE realizing that life will get us down, and we are 100% to blame.
LOVE the fact that we can respond to it in INFINITE ways.

Life will get us down. Everytime we start to get comfortable, it will drill a new hole in your body and f**k you.


Loser: “My life sucks. I’m so fat, and I have no friends or hobbies boohoo. I’l just sit on the internet and play Runescape 😥 ”

Winner: “Oh maaan, im so fat, i have no friends and i live a boring life without passions! Time to hit the gym and learn about nutrition, join cooking classes maybe? so i could meet new people WHILE learning to be healthy? OH YEA. I’l sit on the internet for awhile too. TO LEARN WHERE THE NEAREST GYM IS AND WHAT I COULD DO TO IMPROVE”

Pretty straightforward examples. Take Action, Take Control of your LIFE.

other relatable examples:

Friends treating you like shit: Talk it out with them instead of bitching to other friends.

Girl/Boyfriend treating you like shit: Talk it out. Dump their ass if necessary. Do NOT fear change.

Work/Studies getting tougher? Dying under due debt?: Instead of complaining, Take a large chunk of your week out, plan and get your work sorted out.

You get the idea? The satisfaction from taking action and getting over the hurdle is infinitely more blissful than the constant anxiety and negativity associated with living a life that is seemingly FORCED upon you. I’l leave you with this:

The biggest pain is always the anxiety associated with NOT making a decision. The moment you do however, good or bad, life has moved on, and this time, you are surfing the wave instead of being crushed by it.

Stop spreading the negativity and enjoy yourselves.



Our first video will be up this weekend, hoping for many views.

If any of you have questions, we will answer them in posts or videos. questions about any social or emotional issue is welcome! !!

looking forward to it!


Losses and severance of relationships.

Well, we have been told, “Do unto others as thy want to be done unto thyself.”

What makes us ignore this kind of advice is previous experiences that hinder our belief in this practice. Time to rewind and practice it everyday! I’ve been cheated on, by girlfriends, friends and even so called “bros”.

Baby steps, you don’t want to run before you can walk. Time to strengthen your mind and be the better person. The person who apologizes to the other nut who just wouldn’t back down. The perfect person. Why? Well, for one, your enemy will notice that they are of less value than you and therefore it would be counter productive!

Smile more, Open doors for old people, things that you want to be done onto you in the future. Give to charity, you never know when you need it.

We’ve all gone through heartbreak. Most of us have risen from it, or still are rising. We are allowed a mourning period. Pamper yourself, but we all know we have to get up sooner or later. There will be losses, its all about how you react and rise from it.

The other person in the relationship already moved on. Do not relapse.

No drunks texts and second guesses. If its over, off with the old and in with the new. Moving On is hard, why? Because we want to believe that what we have involved ourselves with was real and it had more of an impact on you than you would like to believe.

It takes will power and sheer want to get past it. If you adopt all of it and use them all at once to channel this move on. You can get past anything. Whatever you do, the sun will shine tomorrow. Make sure you’re around to enjoy it.



Life gives you two opportunities in almost every situation. step up, or fall down. We are preconditioned to do what is easier and economical. What will save us from embarassment, regret or risk of failure. Its sad though, that the easy choice is always to fall, to be quiet, to look away, to be mediocre.

Kajun here, 18.

My partner has pretty much summed up our aims for the blog: To relate and help you and inspire you through life’s police stops.

I believe we have all NOT been taught by society how to be winners, or how to be happy. We have been simply taught how to survive and how to fit in.

We hope to help you through all of life’s little issues such as finding passions, developing the lifestyle and mentality of a champion, dealing with break ups and such

Im a very “idol” centric person. I observe and pick out the best traits from people I look up to. A sponge really! It was then that i noticed that all of us, can become the “perfect” person. Its just WAITING inside of us! The pursuit of perfection will lead to enlightenment!

Ok, going too deep. Remember to smile