A friendly Conceptual friend.

Concepts are basically how we learn something. Learning about concepts is basics.

Look back at a time in your life when you achieved something. No matter how miniscule or major. How did you do that?

Well, this requires some work from you. Retrieve that memory. Look at yourself in a third person angle and imagine how you came to that success. Now, you can use the same concept to anything you want to learn. Life is then in your control!

In the last post, I wrote that the mind is a ticking clock, akin to saying, you only have a certain amount of ‘unknown’ time before you are unable to manipulate it. Concepts make it easier for your brain to learn new things. Finding ways to take control of your brain is very rewarding. However, because it is your most prized possession, use with care.

Caution: * Fill Brain with beautiful things only.


The Mind is a ticking clock

How long till we realize, the only person we can truly rely on is ourselves.

Many people think its selfish, but if we depended on the values we do today with less emphasis on comparing ourselves with others, it would do us much good. In the end, all thought and instinct are made to protect oneself. Why, then are we programming ourselves to depend on what others think or say about us?

Well, no man is an island. However, we do need time customizing our general socialization. We often are over-confident in what we say to each other because that’s how you build confidence. However, you have to ponder on it and push the Auto-Pilot button off.

, What we project, is what we attract. Therefore, there is a greater reason to becoming a better person NOW!

Human Error

Confidence comes from acceptance, otherwise its just ignorance because the ego is a false identity of our own construction.

There are so many things we’ve yet to know about ourselves. If we were to ask ourselves the questions we pose to others in order to get to know them, how many could we answer off-hand?

We’ve not really accepted ourselves for who we really are. These levels of actualization are very difficult to obtain, but there is no reason to not try.

Deep seated beliefs that change is scary may be true, but how to be content with what we think now, when the brain has infinite imaginative possibilities


Its a wake-up call to me as I write this post! Do this for ourselves and things fall in place. All in good time. If you become so great, how are people going to ignore you.

Misunderstanding the Mother

Living in a Malaysian culture, we’re raised with a need to be ahead of the pack, without making failures. We’ve always seen this especially with education. Failure on one’s half in any aspect, in fact, if not looked down upon by close ones, but is scrutinized and considered to be a shame.

People value the thoughts of other people who judge their progress so much. I’ve fallen victim to something I’d like to call ‘The Underdog Syndrome’ occurs. Where I’ve purposely feel the need to fail at things at first, just to come back and win the crowd.

  We hinder our progress, for the mere thought of pleasing others.

You see it happen often with sports. The rush of euphoria, people love a ‘Dark Horse’.

Failure though, is the Mother of Success. We shouldn’t be letting failure bring us down.We should embrace it, if we made our weaknesses our strengths, and wear them like our armor, We become more powerful beings within. We’d be liberated from the bonds of shame.

Its not easy to tell Society what you have learnt from failure, but as long as you know it, you’ll can be on your way!


How Deep is too Deep?

If you think about it, we’re all just atoms clumped up in different forms. Its funny how far our brain has come to be able to classify this different forms. One of the ways is value. What greater form of value do we have than money?

Well, it is sad, is it not? We have allowed Money to value each other in this world. Of course, this is one of the symbols of ‘The Strongest Survive’.

We have gone so far in the evolution of understanding, we’ve wandered off course in the evolution of appreciating.  We’re so obsessed with going forward, we’re ignoring the things we should be walking hand-in-hand with.

Words are powerful, Thoughts more so. What are your thoughts on this?

– Hawk




There’s More To Life Than Happiness

Live life making sure you give back as much as you can !

Thought Catalog

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I often think that the reason why everyone is so obsessed with happiness in this part of the world – the West – is because people find it more difficult to be happy here. Why? Well, I think people attach far too much of their identity to their material wealth, as well as to the expectations and illusions of what constitutes a good life. The irony is that being an African and having seen some abject poverty there, and having also travelled to places where absolute poverty is an everyday reality for some people, I maintain that I have witnessed more happiness among those who have less. But having a little, just like…

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The Staring Game. How it can change your LIFE and view on mankind!

Hey everyone,

Kajun here, back from a one month trip to Singapore. Amazing place, definitely visit if you havent already.

Now what i want to talk a little about today, is the concept of judging someone, and how it actually reveals you at your most insecure.
Before i left for Singapore, I attended a self help seminar by the co-owner of Industry Rockstar – Jefferey Slayter. Picked up so much from his methods of delivery and activities to engage the audience as well as his content, that really could relate with the various types of people that had attended.
One activity really left an impression however and I really want to touch on it.

I want you to find someone, preferably someone you dont really know well, but have hundreds of presumptions and have derived so many conclusions about from their character and behavior. Now look into their eyes and both of you keep looking for around 10 minutes. (Of course, have him or her agree to it first!)
Now after getting over the initial awkwardness and giggling, you should be able to stare right into them. Both of you would seem to have known each other forever. Keep going till the 10 minute mark no matter how tough and awkward it is.

Now realize, that they are human beings too. With the same problems, with the same insecurities, and they are just trying to live a life. JUST LIKE YOU ARE.
They are not above you, they are not below you. They are just your fellow man, who breathes the same air and survives through his own problems just as you are.

Everyone has problems, in this age of Money, even the richest suffer, (Sure, a lot of things have been going great in his life. Finances are secure and he enjoys everything that materialistic cravings can offer, but through it all, there are still problems.)
It is YOUR job, to show love nonetheless, to accept everyone for who they are, and inspire them to do better and to be great, for we all are just human,
with our own problems.
with our own insecurities.

Where is there room to hate when you love so much?

Been having many many thoughts the last month and cant wait to keep you updated with more!
This post is a bit more deviate off my previous posts and maybe with less applicable examples and actions , but is a deep foundation thoughtwork that I believe, should be sown in every person.

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