A friendly Conceptual friend.

Concepts are basically how we learn something. Learning about concepts is basics.

Look back at a time in your life when you achieved something. No matter how miniscule or major. How did you do that?

Well, this requires some work from you. Retrieve that memory. Look at yourself in a third person angle and imagine how you came to that success. Now, you can use the same concept to anything you want to learn. Life is then in your control!

In the last post, I wrote that the mind is a ticking clock, akin to saying, you only have a certain amount of ‘unknown’ time before you are unable to manipulate it. Concepts make it easier for your brain to learn new things. Finding ways to take control of your brain is very rewarding. However, because it is your most prized possession, use with care.

Caution: * Fill Brain with beautiful things only.


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