Misunderstanding the Mother

Living in a Malaysian culture, we’re raised with a need to be ahead of the pack, without making failures. We’ve always seen this especially with education. Failure on one’s half in any aspect, in fact, if not looked down upon by close ones, but is scrutinized and considered to be a shame.

People value the thoughts of other people who judge their progress so much. I’ve fallen victim to something I’d like to call ‘The Underdog Syndrome’ occurs. Where I’ve purposely feel the need to fail at things at first, just to come back and win the crowd.

  We hinder our progress, for the mere thought of pleasing others.

You see it happen often with sports. The rush of euphoria, people love a ‘Dark Horse’.

Failure though, is the Mother of Success. We shouldn’t be letting failure bring us down.We should embrace it, if we made our weaknesses our strengths, and wear them like our armor, We become more powerful beings within. We’d be liberated from the bonds of shame.

Its not easy to tell Society what you have learnt from failure, but as long as you know it, you’ll can be on your way!



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