The Staring Game. How it can change your LIFE and view on mankind!

Hey everyone,

Kajun here, back from a one month trip to Singapore. Amazing place, definitely visit if you havent already.

Now what i want to talk a little about today, is the concept of judging someone, and how it actually reveals you at your most insecure.
Before i left for Singapore, I attended a self help seminar by the co-owner of Industry Rockstar – Jefferey Slayter. Picked up so much from his methods of delivery and activities to engage the audience as well as his content, that really could relate with the various types of people that had attended.
One activity really left an impression however and I really want to touch on it.

I want you to find someone, preferably someone you dont really know well, but have hundreds of presumptions and have derived so many conclusions about from their character and behavior. Now look into their eyes and both of you keep looking for around 10 minutes. (Of course, have him or her agree to it first!)
Now after getting over the initial awkwardness and giggling, you should be able to stare right into them. Both of you would seem to have known each other forever. Keep going till the 10 minute mark no matter how tough and awkward it is.

Now realize, that they are human beings too. With the same problems, with the same insecurities, and they are just trying to live a life. JUST LIKE YOU ARE.
They are not above you, they are not below you. They are just your fellow man, who breathes the same air and survives through his own problems just as you are.

Everyone has problems, in this age of Money, even the richest suffer, (Sure, a lot of things have been going great in his life. Finances are secure and he enjoys everything that materialistic cravings can offer, but through it all, there are still problems.)
It is YOUR job, to show love nonetheless, to accept everyone for who they are, and inspire them to do better and to be great, for we all are just human,
with our own problems.
with our own insecurities.

Where is there room to hate when you love so much?

Been having many many thoughts the last month and cant wait to keep you updated with more!
This post is a bit more deviate off my previous posts and maybe with less applicable examples and actions , but is a deep foundation thoughtwork that I believe, should be sown in every person.

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